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Grace Danika and Coco

Thank you so much sandy for all the hard work and dedication you put in to coco's training. She has become an absolutely awesome dog with some very well acquired skills. Your approach to training her was amazing and she loved seeing you every week which made it an overall great experience. Will be recommending you to anybody with a wayward pooch! Thank you again.

Debbie Barton

After struggling through eight months of Agility trials, without any success, it was recommended to me to try Skills4Dogs. So in September 2011, I went along for a look. That was just over six months ago. After the personal hands on training with Sandy Patterson, my whole understanding of the sport has improved. I have been shown a modern way of how handle to courses and how to give signals to my dog that he clearly understands. This has eliminated the confusion he was getting from me before. I have been shown the power that positive reinforcement plays in training, and how it builds the bond between my dog and me. So as a team we are mow successful. In the six months, with Sandy Patterson’s tuition, my dog and I have achieved 22 Qualifying rounds, with 5 Titles and hoping to be entering the Masters Trials by the end of the year. It has been an unbelievable experience and my confidence has grown along the way because i have learnt the skills to positively train and handle my dog. I highly recommend Sandy Patterson and Skills4Dogs as I am proof that she understands dog behaviour and the positive dog training methods.

Jenny & Molly Wells

I met Sandy in January whilst searching for classes for Molly my “full-on” Spoodle puppy after we finished puppy school. We have been to a number of 5 week manners classes which have helped me to understand all about my puppy and to learn lots of desired behaviours. Molly is easily bored in class (she undoes my shoelaces!) so we particularly enjoy the games Sandy has introduced which require a variety of behaviours, are really good fun and keep Molly fully engaged. I keep coming back because it keeps me motivated with training, Molly loves the outing and I found that with listening to Sandy’s advice over and over again, it eventually sinks in. When I come across an undesired behaviour I now think “What would Sandy do?" Molly and I also attend “Saturday morning puppy socialisation”. This is fantastic for puppies as it has helped teach Molly how to meet and greet other dogs, how to interact during play, and, best of all, she absolutely loves it and gets so worn out she is done for the day!

I would highly recommend “Skills for Dogs” as I have found Sandy to be an excellent support person for the novice puppy owner, full of ideas and advice, very patient in class, never gets cross or makes anyone feel like a failure, and she is clearly passionate about building great relationships between owners and their dogs.